Kingdom of Aksum

Kingdom of Aksum Flag

We created this flag to represent Aksum because it is the Ethiopian flag (were Aksum was located), and the Egyptian flag because Egypt affected the Kingdom of Aksum because the Kingdom of Aksum traded with many countries including Egypt .

Kingdom of Aksum Sacred Object

This is the sacred object that we chose for the Kingdom of Aksum because it is the Aksum Obelisk. The idea for the Obelisk came from the Egyptians. They founded these statues when they traded goods with Egypt.

Natural Resources

  • Potash, salt, gold, copper, platinum, and natural gas are all natural resources of Ethiopia (where Aksum is located).
  • In the south and east, grassy savannas cover the land. 
  • To the east are Africa's most extensive forests.
  • Teff is a hardy grain that provides Ethiopians with the majority of their food needs.
  • Teff can be grown under both drought-like and rainy conditions, and it grows relatively quickly. It can also be eaten by both humans and cattle.
  • Some trees and flowers include the Ethiopian rose, the hagenia tree, and the eucalyptus.
  • Coffee is grown in Ethiopia, and is one of its main exports.
  • Ensete is also grown, which is a close relative of the banana.
Highlighted in red is were the Kingdom of Aksum was
This is an image of the Ethiopian Rose.